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  • •••¦|-» PETITION To Not "Remaster" Ever Again]]

    Hello, my fellow ND
    aficionados (experts),

    Before I begin to explain myself, please don't get upset--
    as many of you know I am against petitions for the most
    part--mostly because they get WAY out of hand, and
    people duplicate petitions--And I suspect I am guilty of
    that right now. I simply have specific points to make.

    Recently, HeR has "remastered" the first game in the
    series, SCK. And, as I understand it, some parts were
    better. I know lots of the newer ND generation
    appreciated the enhanced graphics. But, overall, I think
    the whole project was a trainwreck. Many people see
    this as an attempt by HeR to increase sales. Others simply
    think they wanted to make it more appealing to newer
    players. While I believe a mixture of the two--plus I
    think they genuinely believed they were doing us a

    Well, HeR, you didn't.

    I, myself, grew up playing the games. SCK was the first
    one I ever did--it's a classic. And I understand the idea
    of "remastering" the classics--you see it all the time with
    books and movies (Willy Wonka and Alice in
    Wonderland, for example), and, in my opinion, there's
    nothing wrong with reminding us of a classic.

    But you can do it in better ways than remaking the
    whole thing. Leave the classics alone, please. Now, I'm
    not saying not to mess with how the game runs. By all
    means, make it so that the game can be played on as
    many different systems as possible. Fix errors, and make
    patches. But don't change the past by re-doing the
    whole thing.

    By submitting your signature to this petition, you agree
    that HeR should not remake any of the ND games, change
    storylines, change/add/remove puzzles, etc. This petition
    is designed to preserve the ND games themselves, but is
    not against re-designing them to run on different systems
    like MACs.

    1. Professor Snape
    2. Spaghetti
    3. blackmagicND
    4. swimmergirls
    5. olbrso
    6. Dare2Dream
    7. GetAClueGirlz
    8. Emy_leah
    9. Rianna
    10. 1NancyDrew24
    11. missdrew2010
    12. Bob~the~Bay
    13. luckyduck43
    14. mysteryhelp279
    15. sumner14
    16. Char00
    17. doyoubelieve??
    18. Mystery Chick ♥
    19. yankeesonlygirl
    20. BRiGHTLiGHTS
    21. agent-panda
    22. ~HeyNance!!~
    23. microbeads
    24. scissordanger
    25. KeronStar
    26. Eek!
    27. nancydrew1953
    28. NDfavs
    29. dancer101
    30. nancyd12
    31. Be.Lestrange
    32. James the Snoop
    33. mysterysolver01
    34. Girl Sleuth ♥
    35. Poppy Drew
    36. lovepug120
    37. PoppyDada☼
    38. Arya_Everhart
    39. belle_lover
    40. Klee:)
    41. StarMaiden
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    Learning can be FUN! Especially from the classics. Do you agree?
    Do you like the classics the way they are? Then sign.

    To err is human. To ARRR is pirate!

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    Absolute agreement :) Thank you for making this petition.
    I'd do it myself, but duplication is so irritating. I sign myself
    up, definitely. I've heard rumours of an MHM remake, and that
    would be awful: they'd probably take the seance out, so as to
    be 'politically correct'; the spooky old music would go, etc.
    So yeah. Awesome idea! By the way, the fact that you defined
    'aficionados' made me laugh :) reps to you.

    - Emily
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    Thanks Aline! ♥


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      Sign me up too!

      They completely ruined Daryl in the SCK remake and he was my favorite character in both the game and the book.
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        sure, i'm in. I never played the remastered SCK, but i don't like the idea.
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          Updated to this point!

          I don't like the idea of any of the games remastered. SCK especially.
          Learning can be FUN! Especially from the classics. Do you agree?
          Do you like the classics the way they are? Then sign.

          To err is human. To ARRR is pirate!


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            I agree completely. Remakes are cool, sometimes, when there's actually something to improve. But the way these games are done, there is no need to remaster them! I was kinda indifferent about the SCK remaster until I learned that HeR was discontinuing the original. I think it would be awful if that ever happened again. Please sign me up!

            Btw, I really appreciated the way you didn't just say "Here's my petition, and what I'm petitioning for, and please sign!" but you also gave reasons to sign and why you made this petition. Very nicely done!

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              Totally agree, sign me up.
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                I agree 100%.

                Originally posted by Spaghetti View Post
                I've heard rumours of an MHM remake, and that
                would be awful: they'd probably take the seance out, so as to
                be 'politically correct'; the spooky old music would go, etc.
                - Emily
                Seriously? Noo! MHM is fine the way it is. If MHM isn't politically correct, then neither is SAW! And they just made that! If HeR re-made MHM after releasing SAW I might *cough*cough*call them* cough* hypocrites*cough cough*. Professor Snape, please sign me for this petition. I couldn't agree more. Yes, I think HeR should maybe make the older games compatible for newer computers and Macs etc, but hands off the game itself! SCK2 was just... bad. I was fine with the game the way it was originally! I just read Livi's comment here... I had no clue that when they remade SCK they stopped selling the original SCK! That's horrible! I don't even approve of the remakes at all, but sheesh, if they do, they should at least keep the original on the market! I believe that when HeR sees something that needs improvement in an old game, instead of re-making the old, they should work extra hard to fix that while they work on a new game. In real life, you can't change your past, yet you can make the best out of the present and future. HeR, you should try thinking of that more often when it comes to your games. Please sign me up for this. I beg of you. If I have room, I'm going to link this in my signature if that's alright with you.

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                  Sign me up!


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                    I agree with your points, and I saw a mention as well about potential changes for MHM. Whether or not it was an upgrade/change of game entirely or simply compatibility stuff, I don't know. But if the first of those two, then I can't say I'm too pleased.

                    I agree with the sentiments expressed thus far. There's no need, in my opinion, to change a game that has already been made--a game that so many of us truly adore! Secrets Can Kill was my first Nancy Drew game way back when and I loved it then just as much as I still love it now.

                    I understand that part of the reason for the remastering of that game was for the celebration of Nancy's 80th anniversary. But if this reproduction sparks in the company an interest in remastering further games, I cannot say that I will stand behind them.

                    (Note that this is all, of course, speculation. There's been nothing said for sure about remastering any of the other Nancy Drew games from Her Interactive).

                    But regardless, I do think that it would be, in the future, a waste of time spent and will lead to disappointment for those of us who already enjoy the originals.

                    On that note, I will sign this petition (this being, I believe, the second petition I have ever signed).
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                      I have a few points to make myself. And don't think I'm just posting this and then not signing. I am signing at the end.

                      I, personally, enjoyed SCK2. It was a fun game to me and, this is just my opinion, kept many things the same as the original. I thought HeR did a great job with it!

                      The few things I'm not happy about are these: I didn't know that when SCK2 came out they stopped selling the original SCK. That's not right! New Nancy Drew fans will only know the remastered game and not the original that started this whole series.

                      And rumors that MHM will be remastered? Oh, please no! MHM is fine just the way it is. Why would they do that in the first place?

                      Now I thought remastering SCK was a nice gift to all the Nancy Drew fans for her 80th anniversary. I mean, Nancy Drew has been around 80 years? That's amazing! I don't think HeR should remaster another game though because they shouldn't have two of the same games out. Plus, the past games are perfectly fine already!

                      So, with all this being said, please sign me up! I don't want HeR to remaster again.

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                        First of all, please sign me on!

                        I am really glad you pointed out that this petition is not going against making the games compatible with different systems. In fact, I really think you should highlight or bold that statement in your petition summary to make that clear! :)

                        I was so happy that SCK was being remastered because even my older computer couldn't run the original SCK disks. Then, I found out the game was very different than the original and became upset. I feel like I really missed out on a masterpiece!

                        I think if anything, HeR could update the disks so new computers can play them, and like you said fix any errors or glitches. Maybe even specials can be added, like alternate endings seen at the end of the orignial games, but not in place of old ones!

                        Nice post ,once again sign me on!

                        Peace. Love. Run.


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                          I agree with everything you said (wrote).

                          Leave the classics as they are to remind us players how far Nancy (and HeR) got. There's been alot of change from SCK to SAW. Some for the better (like a cool phone) and some for the... not so better (no more bookcase when you first enter the game).

                          I really didn't like how we all now know how Bess and George look as of SAW when in SCK, we didn't, which in my opinion is much better, it helps expand our imagination.

                          I really miss how this website used to be (it used to be blue) and now it feels like they're changing everything! I miss the old games, and didn't like the idea of a new SCK.

                          Sign me up, I completely agree with you. Sorry to get off topic a bit.
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                            i totally agree!

                            i could sit here and ramble on about why i agree, but you
                            guys have all done that for me... so i can just say i totally
                            agree with every point you have made, so sign me up!



                            • #15
                              I must admit when I first saw this petition I was a tad confused but now that I read it I agree with everything you've said. I have not played SCK remastered yet, but I would like too (just because I want to play every game) But I've heard that they changed things and added a new character? I'm not sure I really like that, I played the first one and besides changing the disks, and the animations it was a pretty good game.

                              But as I said before I agree with everything you said, I'm all for HER remastering the game quality but not the games whole plot. So thank you for bringing your points up, so please sign me up!

                              -xo, Emily