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    Am I the only one who would like to see some more realistic games?

    There are many plot ideas that could be used: death-threats (STFD), murders (SCK), kidnappings (but only if done properly like in FIN), robberies, smugglings, identity theft, fraud, etc.; minus some far-fetched, legendary happening supposedly "behind" it all (likely with the addition of some hidden treasure being the culprit's cause for motivation).

    There are a lot of subjects that could be used that don't involve hauntings and lost treasures.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for an end to all ghost stories and treasure hunts in the games, but I would appreciate it if there was more variety, plot-wise.

    All in all, I would just like to see some more honest-to-goodness, believable cases.

    To note-- When I say 'realistic', I don't mean 'graphic' or 'explicit'. There is a huge difference between making a realistic game about a realistic subject, and making one that includes "realistic" gruesome imagery-- the latter is not what I'm aiming at. :)

    I think HerInteractive can easily achieve more realism with their games' subject matter, without including any unnecessary content that would call for a higher than E10+ rating.

    Who agrees with me on this?

    1. Emy~leah
    2. Rianna
    3. hotgirl24
    4. Ehzair Mkee
    5. SuperMystery025
    6. DrewFan18
    7. It's locked.
    8. kw_drewfan
    9. Kianna
    10. microbeads
    11. Sassy-Detective
    12. KittyPhoenix
    13. GetAClueGirlz
    14. cowgirl01
    15. missdrew2010
    16. dancegg
    17. dancing-detective
    18. Veil
    19. nykidz96
    20. yankeesonlygirl
    21. KeronStar
    22. sheep go baahh
    23. sluthng4clues
    24. like2hike123
    25. senior drew fan
    26. Ystoab
    27. 1bigbroto2
    28. Canadian Sleuth
    29. Drew Detective
    30. guineapigsrock
    31. --GroovyGirl--
    32. xander
    33. Vi.
    34. nancyd12
    35. scissordanger
    36. ELECTRIC!
    37. ThisIsADream
    38. harry1
    39. snowee8
    40. cakelover98
    41. Moulin Rouge
    42. SeniorDetective
    43. Girl Sleuth ♥
    44. valerianna777
    45. JD Sr.Detective
    46. rileylove
    47. whiterwolfrocks
    48. x jane fan x
    49. Daisy123
    50. Bookworm467
    51. AutumnMemories
    52. willacait
    53. Minimew
    54. Barschamp09
    55. xoxjen
    56. Dana Girls
    57. sumner14
    58. mysteryhelp279
    59. mysterysolver01
    60. Paradise ♥
    61. GirlSleuth09
    62. ANGEL5897
    63. skittlesm&m
    64. Crazyalygator
    65. nancydrew1953
    66. Ghibli Fan
    68. polkadot
    69. AmandyShrew73
    70. Sassy-Detective
    71. Hippie Van
    72. nancyrules567
    73. mints123
    74. cuteone18
    75. heberchic10
    76. Kat2008
    77. Confuzzibubbled
    78. dogs4ever
    79. codecracker12
    80. chilliwack
    81. ohmylatte
    82. soccerlover13
    83. KarinaKarina
    84. 1bigbroto2
    85. IceChick
    86. lulumckenzie
    87. BrownEyedgrl
    88. detectivetweety
    89. nancyobsessed17
    90. MrWoogleWogle
    91. Mort
    92. gina
    93. luckyeclipse
    94. ladybug91
    95. puppsydrew
    96. Kimberly <3
    97. Nina
    98. Flippa
    99. Professor Snape
    100. cutie_girl016
    101. chitachona
    102. plakefan
    103. hypocrates
    104. littlelamb
    105. daretoPLAY x0
    106. nancygal4eva
    107. NDrox008
    108. phoenixtear
    109. sneakydancer101
    110. ieventripinstyl
    111. Klee:)
    112. mayaw1010
    113. [email protected]
    114. musicalmunchkin
    115. E*Swann
    116. addictedToNdrew
    117. iluvdogs5842
    118. cakelover98
    119. nancycat777
    120. swirligirl93
    121. Nancy Drew22
    122. boodster4
    123. PeacexPassion
    124. Bla-Ding!
    125. nancyluv13
    126. spontaneousblue
    127. Bob~the~Bay
    128. cat
    129. Avril
    130. Miss Authoress
    131. cep0129
    132. ephemeroptera
    133. anirtak59
    134. X-factor
    135. Gummibear99
    136. MYSTERY.
    137. oceanxatlantic
    138. super slueth593
    139. oceana2000
    140. countrygirl425
    141. Muffsie
    142. GivememoreND
    143. dellkitty
    144. chitachona
    145. Stripedbass
    146. avriltaylor223
    147. nancy_drew352
    148. Sensible
    149. Hardy Bro
    150. actress19
    151. luv2micky
    152. bookworm222
    153. Banana13
    154. Deb9530
    155. AlwaysTheButler
    156. SassyD3t3ctiv37
    157. mdetective12
    158. MusicForMe
    159. gingerhorses
    160. asiagoAttorney
    161. Lucylou8
    162. Pi Guy
    163. MusicForMe
    164. puppylover
    165. Allie-Oops
    166. LouLouluvr
    167. KeenOnKeene
    168. kool kat
    169. MysteryGriffin
    170. golf23
    171. Zovesta
    172. nancy_drew352
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    I agree. More variety and more realism would be nice.
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      Right on!

      I agree, definitly, my sis and I (me and my sis? Bah. whatever, not too good with English ) play these games together and even tho she is younger she would rather have more realism. Because, really, if you or I were to be as snoopy as Miss Nancy Drew we would be dead or something! Haha so if this be a petition sign me up (excuse my username, I dont like it but I cant change it )
      Oh, I just realized you specifically said this was a petition... Absent minded me
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        I'll sign. I like realism. Can't get enough of it.

        Ehzair Mkee


        • #5
          Sign me up. May not be a fan of reality TV (but that's not actually real), but I like life as real as it can get. Congrats for putting this subject to light :)

          i love you, boston. </3


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            Sign me up!

            The Ghost of Thorton Hall

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              Sign me up!!!



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                *signs on the dotted line*
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                  It's true, in the beginning the story lines were a lot more realistic. The Final Scene.. for example. I'll sign!

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                      I absolutely agree! You can sign me up!
                      Dares to Play


                      • #12
                        I agree. It seems that most (if not all) of the recent games have been either not-very-scary ghost stories or some strange incident that Nancy has to investigate that turns into... a treasure hunt.
                        (but don't get me wrong, I still loovve HER's games, but more realism would be nice for a change!)

                        great petition ~ sign me up!


                        Thanks to everyone who plays my games or thinks of me. I appreciate it very much <3



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                          I agree!

                          Great petition, sign me up!!!
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                          sorry I've been gone so long.
                          really miss you all!
                          -rachel <3


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                            Sign me up!
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                              I agree 100% sign me up! As much as I love ND games, hauntings and curses are not really my thing. I really enjoy feeling that a mystery is real and some of the more recent games are amazing, but more like a fantasy if that makes any sense. Maybe a dream would be a better word!

                              Peace. Love. Run.