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  • Petition for a Writable Notepad

    I don't know about you, but I've found it a bit frustrating that often when there's something I have to memorize in one of the games, I have to write it down on a piece of paper (if it is not already in Nancy's notes). I've gone through lots of paper just writing down notes that could easily have been typed down on Nancy's notepad if HeR made it an option.

    I suppose it could get a bit tricky if there are certain shapes/symbols that have to be memorized, as opposed to numbers/letters/words, but perhaps for that there could be a section of the notepad that would function like Microsoft Paint. (Great idea, littlelamb!)

    It should be said that this wouldn't eliminate Nancy's original notepad or checklist, but would be for one's additional notes.

    Please speak up if you agree!

    1. Emy~Leah
    2. SwiMMinsTAr456
    3. polkadot
    4. blackbecca123
    5. NancyDrewNerd14
    7. Drew Detective
    8. sluthng4clues
    9. skittlesm&m
    10. LemonMeringue
    11. JacobBlackLuver
    12. NDGirl12182
    13. superslueth18
    14. mystery2ash
    15. theBlueWidow
    16. like2hike123
    17. tsukiakari
    18. Hippie Van
    19. Bob~the~Bay
    20. willacait
    21. Jenclaire98
    23. lulumckenzie
    24. italiagirl97
    25. BrownEyedgrl
    26. NancyDrewgal111
    27. It's locked.
    28. vjw1234
    29. heykatiehey
    30. MrWoogleWogle
    31. Mort
    32. mysterysolver64
    33. (SassyDetective
    34. mysterygurl93
    35. NancyDrew122337
    36. DrewFan22
    37. nancyobsessed17
    38. detectivebanana
    39. [email protected]
    40. SteelMagnolias
    41. littlelamb
    42. ace1995
    43. musicalmunchkin
    44. GermanGirl23
    45. heberchic10
    46. shamusleuth
    47. betholomew314
    48. mysteryslayer1
    49. On the Case
    50. RandomBananas
    51. love2sing
    52. boodster4
    53. blackbecca123
    54. GetAClueGirlz
    55. flowerDrew
    56. nancydcurious
    57. nancyluv13
    58. swimmergirl32
    59. klooz2
    60. cat
    61. sci-fi girl
    62. nancycat777
    63. Meggie316
    64. luscawitz
    65. Gummibear99
    66. NBGfan
    67. Romans828
    68. GivememoreND
    69. Rent_Rules
    70. Penguin Slueth
    71. mdetective12
    72. Midnightheart
    73. Hillionare7
    74. dancegg
    75. S1L2E3U4T5H6
    76. The Key Clue :)
    77. Needer Moo
    78. ashleyheart
    79. irishdancer101
    80. dance_star1734
    81. imystery
    82. HotdangFatima17
    83. AlwaysTheButler
    84. GoNancyDrew
    85. Shnuckles99
    86. SecretsCanKill7
    87. actress19
    88. nancy_drew352
    89. Snowman99
    90. LouLouluvr
    91. ND-lover-#1
    92. sparky5
    93. NarniaFan2012
    94. Lifelicita
    95. disneygirl12
    96. MusicForMe
    97. SassyD3t3ctiv37
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    Oh. My. Goodness. Definitely sign me up for this! It would be so much easier just to have my notes already typed up on the computer then it is for me to write them all down on paper! Normally I prefer paper, but when it comes to Nancy notes, I write so much that it is a lot easier to write! Excellent idea! Totally sign me up!!!!! :))))

    <3 Ali
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      Thats a good idea! Ill sign!
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        sign me up !!!!
        love life and live it like never before !!!!!!!!!!!


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          Sounds great. sign me up too.
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            Thats a great idea! I'm surprised no one thought of it before. Sign me up!
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              Holy cow! I love that idea! That's brilliant! Your a genius! I have a whole box FULL of little notes from all the games, and any time I re-play them I re-write MORE notes! THAT would be fabulous to have a section in her journal to write your own clues as you go along! Plus, it would make us feel more like a detective, more like we're really Nancy keeping track of things as we play along!

              Sign me up!
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                Oooh, this is a great idea! :D I truly think that it'd be more fun writing down my own notes rather than having to look at Nancy's... :P

                In other words, please sign me up! :)

                xo, Aimee <3
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                  Oh my! I love it! This would be fantastic! I wish I could sign a hundred times. Ha ha!

                  Sign me up!

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                    Great idea, I'll sign!



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                      Omigoodness, yes. The computer I use is in my dad's office, and I'll use his case notes for notes in a ND frenzy. He isn't usually happy with me. That would be super convenient, because I make it a habbit to write down anything odd, so I'm never stuck in a puzzle (such as book locations).
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                        OMG! Sign me up!
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                          Thats a great idea! Ill sign!

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                            I love this idea. I have hundreds and hundreds of papers from over the years of playing nancy drew games that have everything from directions to codes on them! I think this is an amazing idea. Reps given!
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                              I absolutely agree! I have a paper notebook that I've kept for years with all my Nancy notes, clues and where things are(and such). That would be super duper cool!

                              Sign me up, please!

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