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F.A.Q.s--Have a question? Click for the "Question Directory" &"New Member Resources"

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  • F.A.Q.s--Have a question? Click for the "Question Directory" &"New Member Resources"

    This thread will answer most questions you may have about this message board. Ever wonder....

    • Can I be a moderator/admin?
    • What does a moderator do?

    Report to Moderator
    • What the report to moderator button is?
    • What posts should be reported to a moderator?

    Personal Info and Web Addresses
    • Why can't I post personal info?
    • What is personal info?
    • Why can't I post links to outside sources?

    • What is an Avatar?
    • An avatar is the picture that is under your username.
    • How do I get an Avatar / Change my Avatar?
      1. Click on the "User CP" at the top right of the board.
      2. Look over on the left side.
      3. Click the one that says "Edit Avatar".
      4. Choose an avatar by clicking on the little circle next to the avatar of your choice.
      5. Click "Save changes".

    • Why can't I see people's avatars on their posts?
      You need to change your options.
      1. Go to the profile tab and click "Edit Options".
      2. Scroll down to the part that says "Thread View Options" and you will see: "Show user's avatar in their posts?"
      3. Change it to "yes" and you will be able to see avatars.

    • Can I use my own custom avatar?
      No, only the premade ones are available.
    • How can I get the Nancy silhouette like the moderators and admins have?
      Those icons have been specially made for the Moderators and Administrators to make them easily recognizable. Those will not be available to members.

    • What is a signature and how can I get one?
    • Please view the F.A.Q. for signatures located on the Signature Heights Forum. Note that you cannot have a signature until you have accumulated ten counting posts to your name. Post count only increases on the following boards:
      Hints & Tips
      Message Board Questions
      Tech Support

    Post Totals
    • Why don't my post totals change?
    • How do I become a detective?

    Posting Issues
    • I'm new. When I post, the post goes through but it doesn't show up on the board. Why doesn't it show up?
    • Administration has set up the board to allow moderators to check the posts of new members. Your post can be seen only by moderators until one of the moderators approves it. Don't worry, this only happens for your first few posts.

    • What is a spoiler code?
    • Why should I know how to make one?
    • What this
    • How do I read or write it?

    URL's and Clickable links
    • How do I make a clickable link?

    • Check out this thread for easy to understand directions: How to Make a Clickable Link. Please note outside links are not allowed. The only links that may be posted are ones inside Her Interactive. For example a link to another thread is allowed but a link to another Nancy Drew forum is not.

    • What does an abbreviation mean, such as "lol" or "sp?"

    • Why is asking to be buddies against the rules?

    Magic Library Approvals
    • Where is my story? Why can't I see it and my request for approval is gone??

    Voice Actors
    • Why shouldn't I contact Voice Actors for the games?
      Tidus explains here: Voice Actors

    • How can I get a signature from a quiz and/or club thread? Basically, how can I quote someone?
      Kira explains here: Quoting

    Infractions and Warnings
    • What is an infraction?
      Please check out the forum rules (scroll down to the bottom) for information about infractions.
    • How do I know I got an infraction or warning?
      If you get a warning or infraction, you will receive a personal message (PM) from the moderator giving you an infraction. In the upper right corner of the HerInteractive board, right under where it says "Welcome (your username), it will say that you have 1 private message. The PM will tell you why you got the infraction or warning and how many infraction points you have against your account. You will not be able to reply to the PM, so read it carefully. If a warning or infraction was given on a specific post then the post may be edited with the rule. Moderator notes are to remain in the post.
    • What do I do if I get an infraction?
      Reread the rules and find out where you went wrong. Do your best to follow the rules.
    • Can everyone else see that I have received an infraction warning in my profile?
      No. Only you and the moderators and Administrators can see the warnings/infractions in your profile. The only way anyone knows is if you post revealing that you've received one.
    • Will my warning/infraction ever go away from my User CP?
      No. The points will expire but the type of infraction received will always be there. Everyone receives one warning per rule violation. After that points may be applied. Once those points expire, if you violate that same rule again, you get an infraction.
    • I got a warning/infraction and I'm confused about why. How can I get more information privately?
      Go to the Warnings/Infractions Grievances Board and read the Announcement at the top. Then post appropriately.

    Although this may seem like a lot of information, you are encouraged to read it before posting a question. Most questions are answered here. Please, if someone asks a question that is on this thread, please direct them to this. This will encourage users to READ THE STICKIES!
    Moderators will add to this as necessary.
    Happy Posting!
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    New Member Resources

    Resources for New Members

    Hello, and welcome to the forum! You have found the New Member Resources section of the Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ) New members often have a lot of the same questions, so this page of the FAQ is to help you become comfortable with the forum. If you find that as you are reading that you have a question, please click here. You can post your question on the Message Board Comments and Questions forum. This resource thread is broken into parts to make it easier for you to find out what you need to know. Please click the links of anything you are interested in learning more about.

    Are you brand new to Nancy Drew games? Would you like some tips on playing? Click here for some ideas on how to get the most of your game experience.

    Posting a Question

    When you click on to the Hints and Tips board, give it a quick scan. Do you see a question that is like yours? If so, you can click on that and sometimes instantly get the answer to your question. If you don't see your question, you are going to make a "New Thread" to ask your question. Do not post your question on someone elses thread. Click here for help with posting a new thread.

    Getting to Know the Forum

    There are lots of different boards in the forum. Now that you are a member, you have access to all of them. Sometimes it's confusing what you can post where. Each board has a description of what should be posted there. The boards also have "stickies" (posts that "stick" to the top of the board) that have very useful information. Here is a description of each board and how you can use it.

    The FAQ sticky above this post

    The first post of this thread, the FAQ directory contains much more information about the forum. Please take some time to read it. We also have Message Board Rules and Guidelines that are important to follow. We want all members to have fun, but be safe.

    Helpful LINKS for new members

    All about reps
    All about reporting
    Signature Heights (where you can find a signature to use)
    Signature FAQ (everything you might want to know about signatures)
    All about Spoiler code
    Avatars: Please see the FAQ sticky (which is the post above this one)
    Signature Policy Information (From 12/2007)
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