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Continuing AEs Between Accounts?

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  • Continuing AEs Between Accounts?

    I recently got logged out of my account and couldn't remember my password, and then realized I no longer had access to the email I'd had assigned to my account. I contacted HeR, but they said I'd have to create a new account to get back on the message boards.
    My question is this: I had an AE that was only partially finished through my previous account- will this affect my ability to finish it through the same thread on my new account? Will it have to be closed and started again?

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    To avoid confusion and to prevent it looking like you are hijacking another member's thread (despite it being your old thread), you should start whole new thread. You can cut and paste what you've already written into the new thread and continue on where you've left off. You can include a little note that you previously wrote it under your previous member name.

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      Alright, I will do that. Thank you!