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    I have a question and it's not relating to the message board specifically, but I can't really find a place for it. I thought I would post it here and if there was a correct place for it, it could be moved. If not... I guess closed.

    I'm just wondering if the older games, specifically STFD, are still sold in stores or if they're only available online? It's a favourite of mine, and I don't own it. I don't think HER ships to Canada for their games, which is a big disappointment.

    Has anyone ever seen STFD, or other older games, in stores recently? I'd email HER directly, but I'm sure they get thousands of emails a day and I didn't want to be a bother.

    I apologize if there isn't a place for this post. I think there should be a place discussing HER's online store.

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    I thought all old games were lost from stores too, until one day I wandered into Target and found a whole bunch of them. (: So it just really depends on where you live, and you just gotta look, but they are out there! :)
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      That's what I wanted to hear! Thank you so much. You just gave me hope. I was considering buying it used elsewhere, but I'd rather buy it new. Especially everywhere I've looked, it's more expensive than what it's being sold in HER's store for.

      But thank you, I will keep my eyes open, and hopefully i'll luck out one day.


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        You can always try Half Price Books too - that's where I find most of the old ones. But yeah, Target is great too!!
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          i bought all of mine of Amazon, you can get most of them used or new, and some even come in bundle packs, so like for example i got SHA, CUR, CLK, TRN all for $17, i think that is a great deal

          Nancy Drew Mega Mystery 4 Pack: Secrets Can Kill, Stay Tuned for Danger, Treasure in the Royal Tower, and The Final Scene
          ( i just found that bundle on amazon, 30$ =) )
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            Wow, thank you so much everyone. I hadn't thought of Amazon. I had looked on Ebay though. Thank you, I really appreciate all the help!