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    New Stationary Options

    Well, I know the original post on this thread says what are your wishes for images and quotes and such, but there's no better place to put this...
    I've just noticed that the stationary category of the merchandise store is still woefully bare.
    Therefore, I propose some new options that a classy, Nancy Drew-loving sleuth can feel proud to write home about.
    Actual stationary, just like what Nancy writes on in every game (customizable with your own name, of course).

    Possibly other stationary options to match letters you read in the games, e.g. Rose's letters in MHM, or Frances Humber's favorite paper in SHA.

    Note cards with customizable messages (e.g. Thank You, You're Invited, Happy Birthday, etc.), possibly coordinating with the letter paper.

    And of course, a pen (or pencil, your preference)

    Additional thoughts:
    A Nancy Drew-themed pen/pencil case.

    Address labels

    A wax sealing kit would be awesome, but probably impractical, as I doubt it would be bought much.

    Thanks for reading!
    Listen, my child, to this story of dreams,
    And know that the beginning is more difficult than it seems.
    When the ten daughters are reunited in order,
    When the four-sided box loses its border,
    When the eye of the phoenix is in your hand,
    When the bird of fire can see again,
    When the moon sleeps and the sun plays,
    The king of the sky will shine his rays,
    And hidden beneath a river of colors
    Will lie a gate to golden wonders.


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      Hey all! Just a head's up: in case you haven't noticed, there are new Nancy Drew T-shirts available on Amazon. Are there any new designs you'd like to see made available?


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        Originally posted by KokoKringle999 View Post
        I was thinking today that a deck of scopa cards from VEN would be awesome to buy from the merchandise store. (If I could get them to Australia somehow). I know you can buy real decks of scopa cards but I thought it would be cool if they looked like the ones from VEN, if they had the same designs. I would buy two packs; one to play scopa and the other one to send secret messages with.
        Yes please!
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          New T-Shirt idea

          I had a idea for a new T-Shirt, how does a tie-dye with a black silhouette of Nancy on it sound?