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Mod Interview #02: catsandbooks

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  • catsandbooks
    My turn? callas set the bar very high last week; I hope I don't bore you.

    Originally posted by like2hike123 View Post
    What is your favorite thing about the HeR message boards?
    It would have to be the sense of community! Most of the members are so nice and helpful. Also the Hints and Tips board. I have tried some other games, but invariably I would get stuck but had no where to go for help so I just gave up.

    Originally posted by heberchic10 View Post
    How about:
    How long have you been a moderator? Do you enjoy it?
    I became a mod about 6 1/2 years ago. Most of the time I enjoy it. The only time it hasn't been enjoyable is when there have been some "emergency" situations compromising the safety of this board; those are stressful.

    Originally posted by mdetective12 View Post
    Have you been to HeR Interactive offices?
    I wish! That would be cool.

    Originally posted by mints123 View Post

    Is it hard moderatoring and trying to handle your own life?
    Not really. I would be on the boards regularly anyway, so the only difference is when I see a rule that has been violated I am responsible for giving a warning/infraction, or dealing with any problems I see. The hardest part is when I became a mod I had only played one game, so I had some of the culprits spoiled for me when dealing with the reports. I love the discussions on the Game Discussion boards, and I love helping people with the games, so I would be doing that even if I wasn't a mod.

    Originally posted by skittlesm&m View Post
    What is the reason behind your username?
    My username combines my two favorite things in this world; books and cats. (Not really a story behind that one, sorry...)

    Originally posted by NancywantClues View Post

    And for a more random question, did you ever have or want a signature shop?
    No way! That is one board I never go to. I'm not very artistic.

    Originally posted by JustAskBess View Post
    Have you read the Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene? If so which one was your favorite?
    I made my mom purchase the entire series of yellow books when I was a girl and devoured them. (My mom said she could kick herself for not keeping her copies after she grew up, because she would have saved a lot of money.) I still have them all, but I haven't read any of them in a long time. I've read all of the graphic novels and some boxes from other series as well.

    Originally posted by Poppy Drew View Post
    What was your first Nancy Drew game, and what prompted you to play that game?
    As the Teacher Librarian, I offer the chance for the students at my school to purchase from Scholastic Book Clubs through me. One month they offered FIN, and since I had loved the books I decided to order it. It is still (and probably always will be) my favorite.

    Originally posted by mdetective12 View Post
    How many Nancy Drew games do you own?
    I own all of them. It took me a long time to realize there were other games (I only knew about the FIN H&T board and didn't figure out how to explore the rest of the board for quite a while.) But then I ordered all the games that there were up to that point, and since then I always pre-order a copy. Of course I like some better than others, but I have enjoyed them all.

    Originally posted by dance_star1734 View Post
    If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Whether it be from a Nancy Drew game or anywhere.
    The one place I've never been that I really want to visit is Japan. My best friend is Japanese and her family is still there; we constantly say we will go together and she will show me around, but it hasn't happened yet.

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  • HeR Interactive
    started a topic Mod Interview #02: catsandbooks

    Mod Interview #02: catsandbooks

    Hello again! We are continuing with our Moderator Interviews!

    Off we go! Our second interview is with catsandbooks! Please welcome our Moderator star for the week as she replies with her fun answers.

    Again, if you'd to ask questions, you can post them here.

    -The Her Interactive Team