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Possible SAW glitch? (Moved - Sr.D)

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  • Possible SAW glitch? (Moved - Sr.D)

    So I've played this game before and i just repurchased it and did a digital download and im at the part where
    youre passing through to room 35 and youre supposed to get trapped and solve the color lock
    but as soon as i enter the room i cant move and im just looking at the wall, but all of the sound effects are still playing. Is anyone else having this problem with digitally downloaded versions of this game? Please help this is my favorite ND game and i really want to be able to finish it

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    Hi there,
    These are the only official glitches that have been found in SAW and their patch to fix it:

    A single patch is available for two problems: 1) Cannot delete channels on the recording device when all channels are full. 2) Item name labels missing during Tea Ceremony. NB: After installing the patch based on PC or Mac directions below, open your saved game where the problem occurred. For the recorder, listen to all the channels […]

    If that doesn't work, try uninstalling & then re-installing your game.