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Please Read this Before Posting your Problem

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  • Please Read this Before Posting your Problem

    Dear Nancy Drew Gamers,

    Each of our games has a dedicated Technical Support "Frequently Asked Questions" area. Be sure to check out these pages first! You can usually find your answer much more quickly: Technical Support Database.

    If you have already read the technical pages on the Technical Support Database and you are still having technical difficulties with your game, please include the following in your post:

    1) The specific problem that you are having and where it occurs (i.e. during installation or during gameplay)
    2) The exact error message if you get one, along with the actions that led to the problem.
    3) Which version of Windows you are using (i.e. 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista)

    This will help your problems get resolved much sooner.
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