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Freezing in CRE

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  • Freezing in CRE

    We have been playing Creature of Kapu Cave on a Dell computer. After analyzing the frass samples and then comparing them to the canopy samples, we found the correct match and went to tell Dr. Quigley Kim. We are able to call her down from the tree ("yoo hoo, Quigley?"), but when she comes down and says "Did you do it right this time?", we are given the choice of saying "You betcha!" or "I think so." When we click either of them, the game freezes, and we are unable to proceed, instead having to ctrl+alt+delete or restart the computer.

    We have tried to continue about five times, with no luck. Is there some kind of a patch, or any advice on how to continue? (we are really close to solving it again, and we would like to!)

    Thanks and a speedy response would be appreciated.

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    I don't think this will help, but...
    • restart the computer
    • clean the disk
      I will look and see if there is a patch for this. :)
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