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  • Best way to download MID

    Hi there,

    I pre-ordered MID in the download version because I have a computer that does not have a DVD drive, and therefore downloading the game is my only option. I've only ever downloaded games that already came out and that I could download immediately - I've never pre-ordered a game in download format. Is there a special software or download manager that I should download now to prepare for when MID comes out? Or can I just download it directly from the HeR website? I want to make sure I'm able to download it because I paid for it. Thanks!

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    There is nothing to prepare for.
    You will get an email telling you that the game is ready to download.
    IIRC, it will also have a link to click on for you to do that.
    Otherwise you can logon to your account and do the download, as normal.
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