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Two Installation Problems

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  • Two Installation Problems


    I was recently installing some old games for nostalgia's sake on my Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. I disabled the anti-virus protection, and most of the games downloaded just fine, including an older one like DID. Two games which are giving me grief are the following:

    ICE: "the code execution cannot process because d3dx9_33.dll was not found" - Looking on HER's FAQ page the only similar thing that comes up is about Norton Anti-Virus, but I don't have Norton.

    STFD: I can run the installation installer and it works fine, I put it into compatibility mode (I followed step by step the instructions on HER's page already), but when I click on the actual game installer it will ask for my permission, but will not open anything or do anything once I click "Yes." It may have to do with my user account controls I am thinking?

    I am not as concerned about STFD as I am about ICE, but if anyone has advice for either that would be very appreciated!
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    I had similar problems on my Dell Windows 10 laptop. We copied the game to a flash drive on a different computer and it installed properly. I think that was ICE. I have not yet been able to get STFD to work.
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