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    I’m having reading(?) issues. I have an HP Envy x360 laptop with Windows 10 and an external CD drive. I have been replaying all my games just fine. I was just playing Scarlet Hand.

    One day, when I went back to it (to finish it), the external drive wasn’t working. It would try to recognize that there is a CD in there, but it wouldn’t automatically play. Well, I eventually saw that one of the CD Drive’s ports was broken. I’ve had it for a few years and I think it was some off-brand drive.

    Anyways, I just thought “I’ll get another (brand) one”. Well, I’ve tried an LG one and a Dell one. They both recognize the CD, but won’t play it. I’ve tried other games (other Nancy Drew discs and other games in general). So, I know it’s not the disc itself.

    When having the disc in, I’ve...
    • clicked on the icon
    • done a administrative override
    • went inside the disc’s file and clicked on the .exe game file
    ...and nothing has worked. All it says is “please insert the disc” or “please insert disc 1” or whatever. So, for the 1st 17 games (I think), you HAVE to have the physical discs in order to play them.

    I have even went online (aka: google searching) to see of anyone has had the sane problems as me. Some have and I have done things that were supposed to help with my situation, but did not. Nothing has worked.

    Between the Dell and LG external CD Drives (to replace my okd, broken, off-brand one), I decided to keep the LG one and use it.

    I went ahead and used my mom’s laptop. She has an HP one too, but idk what specific kind. Her laptop has a CD drive in hers, but I still connected my external CD drive (since I have to use it for my laptop because I don’t have a CD drive in mine). The install did not come up automatically, but I was able to click on the install file and it did come up.

    Everything on my computer is completely updated. The most recent update was right after everything happened. I thought the update would resolve the issue, so I can play my games.

    I even went ahead and went to “add and remove programs” and removed maaaybe 5 things or so (that were uneeded that I had either downloaded and/or installed a long time ago). Then I did a disc cleanup. Then I did the Defrag thing. Still nothing.

    I also went ahead and uninstalled and deleted everything from my computer dealing with the games 9-17 (since I haven’t replayed them yet) since these games require their discs in order to play.
    I’ve already played games 1-5 (so, whether they still work or not, I don’t care at the moment since I’m done with those). I’m still wanting to finish game 6 (Scarlet Hand), but can’t since I’m still dealing with the same issues. So, I’m doing test runs through 7-17 to see if I REALLY have to reinstall game 6 (in order to play it again).

    Anyways, games 7-17... starting with game 7 (Ghost Dogs)... my computer recognized the disc (as usual), but FINALLY started on it own (which it didn’t want to do, even if I manually clicked on it). I tried to reinstall it, but the first thing that pops up is “an internal error occured”. After that little message, it still continues with the installation to 100% (without any other problems/messages). Once the installation is finished, the game doesn’t automatically start. If I go into the disc’s folder and click on the game’s .exe file, it just wants to go to the install screen.

    Reinstalling games 7-17...
    • 7 (as stated above) = “internal error occured”
    • 8-17 = “DirectX installation error occured”
    ...ALL of these still do not want to play (after clicking on their .exe files). When I do click on their .exe files, it either goes back to the install screen or just doesn’t play at all.

    Sorry for using game numbers instead of their actual names or abbreviations. I just didn’t want to type out THAT many of them, so I just kind of shorthanded it.

    I’m even in a Nancy Drew Game Fans group thing on FB and no luck on there either. I also went ahead and emailed the Technical Support.

    Idk what to do at this point. I’m at a lost. I do NOT want to rebuy ANY of the games in ANY way.

    Thank you to anyone and everyone for taking your time to read this very long message. Hope to hear from someone soon.
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    One thing that worked for me with some of the older games was to use a different computer and copy it to a flash drive. I used the flash drive on my Dell laptop and the game worked fine that way.
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