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    Hoping to find some help. My boyfriend just bought me a new HP laptop running 11 Windows. I just bought Nancy Drew Midnight In Salem it works but runs kinda slow. Like kinda lagging. Was wondering what might be wrong other than that it's working ok. I want to give thanks to everyone that might be able to help.

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    Hey there!

    So I had the same problem on my Windows 10 PC. My game was a digital download, but this should work for disc or download.

    What you need to do is go into the SETTINGS on the main menu. Put your GRAPHICS on LOW. Then, click on ADVANCED Settings at the bottom. This will pull up a more in-depth graphics menu. Change your RESOLUTION to a lower number (I have mine on 1280 x 960 4:3). Turn POST-PROCESSING to LOW, turn SHADOWS to OFF, turn TEXTURE QUALITY to LOW, turn ANISOTROPHIC FILTERING to OFF, turn ANTI-ALIASING to OFF, and turn REAL-TIME REFLECTIONS to OFF.

    These are all the settings that I have on my MID game. It doesn't change the game content or anything, but it just makes it easier for the computer to run. You may not need all of these since it sounds like you have a newer computer than I do, but it's worth a shot. It will still have the occasional lag, but it is a lot better than the default settings for me. You may have to play around to see what works for your specific computer, for example you may want to try a different resolution number. Hope this helps!


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      QueenofSpades, Thank you so much I'll give your thoughts a shot.