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Globe Puzzle!

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  • phoenix star
    You have to keep turning the key with the stylus over and over until it opens up.

    As for the cake, there's only one piece left, and you'll find it later in the game.

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  • Jenn6113
    started a topic Globe Puzzle!

    Globe Puzzle!

    Apparently I am either missing something for this "supposedly simple" Globe Puzzle or I am really "Simple Minded"! I can not for the life of me, figure out why I can't get this thing to open up, and all my PDA keeps telling me is to "figure out the globe!"

    I have the key, and have already used it on the bottom of the globe pedestal, but apparently DO NOT have the "NEEDLE"? that I need to finish this puzzle? Could someone please help me.

    Also I am in need of the other "2" pieces of the cake decorations in the dining car. If anyone has any clue as to where those are located. I found the one on the table in the dining car, as well as the one located on the China plates in the same car as well. Any help on both of these would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Again