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Stuck on the castle!!

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  • Stuck on the castle!!

    I'm absolutely stuck, no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do :C

    I'm in the Romanov children's car and trying to figure out what I'm supposed to figure out in terms of the castle painting.
    I see the drawing of the castle, and the actual castle sitting next to it.
    I've seen the picture of the teddy bear and the doll exchanging items (although I honestly have no idea what exactly the item that the doll is holding is)
    I've seen the clock face (which I've noticed is different in the drawing than it is on the clock itself in terms of time)
    I've seen the loose brick jutting out of the wall
    I've seen the teddy bear in the floor with the slot in its belly

    But despite all this, I can't do anything! I've tried to figure out what to slide in the teddy's belly. I've tried (and failed) to interact with the doll, the clock face, the loose brick, the castle drawing, the picture of the teddy and the doll, I can't interact with any of it!

    My current items are: Ticket, tweezers, candy, candy wrapper, and security card.

    Is there some item from elsewhere on the train that I need to find?

    Please tell me how to figure this out! It's driving me NUTS!! D:

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    By the corner of the easel,
    you have a clue. The bear has a key, and the girl has a
    snowglobe. Both the bear and the girl (which is really a
    doll) can be found in this room. You also find a cake
    decoration in the corner of the easel.

    Leave the Children's Carriage and go all the way to the
    Gallery. On the wall to the left, if you're facing the
    guard, you find the picture of the castle.

    The five things in this painting are stars. The yellow
    one is in the bottom/left part of the yellow balloon. The
    blue one is on the top of the screen. The purple one is
    on top of the tent on the left. The red one is on the
    tent, by the ribbon. The green on is on top of the bushes
    in the middle of the screen.

    Draw a star between the five stars to find that there is
    a snowglobe in the castle. Aha!

    Return to the Children's Carriage. Go to the castle in
    the back, and examine the tower to find a key. Turn
    around, then go to the table in this room. Use the key on
    the bear, then turn the key a few times, in order to get
    a golden key.
    are you calling us