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Message Board Rules

Her Interactive Message Boards Rules

Please make sure to read these rules carefully as non-compliance can result in the banning of your account on the Her Interactive Message Boards.


The Golden Rule:
On this board (and out in the world) this means, "Treat others as you wish to be treated."

The PG-Rating Rule:
Don't type anything on this board that you wouldn't say in front of your grandparents.
Do not use:
-    Vulgar language which includes, but is not limited to swearing, profanity, racism, sexism, or religious intolerance
-    Graphic descriptions of violence, including use of weapons (objects intended to harm) and blood (fake blood is ok)
-    Any explicit, indecent or implied sexual content and/or sexual references.
-    Any type of drug references or substance abuse explicitly stated.

For more information, please read the Clarification on Mature Topics post.

We reserve the right to remove posts and signatures that are in any way abusive, hateful, or defame or insult anyone.
We also reserve the right to remove posts that are off-topic.

No Personally Identifiable Information:
Do not give out personally identifiable information about yourself on the message boards such as entire real names, last names, address (street, city, zip), parents' names, phone number, email address, birth date, place of employment, school, physical descriptions, Twitter name, or user names from other web sites.  Do not give out other people's personal information, either.

No Harassment:
Threatening, offensive, obscene, aggressive or bullying type of remarks are considered harassment and have no place on this message boards or any other public area.

No Flaming, Bashing, Bullying, and Trolling:
While it’s okay to have disagreements in discussions, name calling or other personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Trolling is defined as posting anything specifically designed to attract a negative reaction from an individual or group. Not all negative opinions are automatically considered trolling, but positive discussions are encouraged. Determination of flaming, trolling, and spam posts will be made at the discretion of moderators.

No Web Links, Images or Email Addresses:
Do not post any web links, URLs, images, or email address links on the message boards. Self promotion of personal web sites and step-by- step instructions to get to a web site are not allowed.

No Beta or Early Game Content Leaks:
Do not post any web links, URLs, images, fan sites, discussions or social media references on the message boards concerning game content that has been leaked or pirated.

No Beta Tester & Advisory Panel Information Sharing:
Do not reveal your status as a Beta Tester or Advisory Panel member. Discussing the selection or testing processes is also prohibited and may result in your removal from future Beta Tests or the Advisory Panel.

Username Restrictions:
-   Each person may have only ONE username/account.
-   Usernames may NOT contain any personal information (real names, locations, etc.).
-   Usernames may NOT be similar to a current moderator’s username
-   Your username must have at least four (4) characters in it.

No Inappropriate Signatures:
For a complete guide to creating signatures, please read the Signature Rules.


The below guidelines are offered to help everyone enjoy the Message Boards and maintain a safe and pleasant community experience for users of all ages.

Please remember that the Her Interactive Message Boards are not a chat board. For the enjoyment of users, Her Interactive, Inc. has provided several boards where users may discuss various topics related to Nancy Drew mysteries, books, movies, and games, but the threads are strictly limited to Nancy Drew related topics. Please do not chat about personal matters that are outside of the Nancy Drew universe. (Example: a user can discuss Abby’s séance in Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion, but the user cannot discuss conducting a séance in real life.)

Do not post the same message more than once. Duplicate messages will be *deleted* without notice! If the same message is posted in a given forum numerous times or in multiple forums - it is considered "spamming.” There are many different types of spamming:
- "Board Spamming" - the same message/question posted multiple times on the same board
- "Forum Spamming" - the same message/question posted multiple times on different boards
- Re-answering questions that have already been correctly answered unless it is within 20 minutes of the first reply. (For questions that have been incorrectly answered, please see the section of the rules titled "Posting Answers on the Game Boards") - Bringing up old threads
- "Up"ping posts (bringing up your thread to the top of the list by posting it again)
- Double posting on the same thread - any two messages posted back-to-back (with exception of cover pages).
- Posting empty posts that just say, for example: "hi" or “You’re welcome.”
- "Ask me for help" posts.

Topic Names:
Write descriptive, helpful topics for other users. Your readers shouldn’t have to guess about the message they are going to read. Descriptive topics make your getting a response more likely. For example, try using, "Help - Cannot put out fire!" or "Stuck - Tile Puzzle" or "Help: Paintbrush & Finger Print" instead of topic titles like "Help" or "Stuck" or "Task List." You will usually get a quicker response with a more specific title.

Posting Questions:
Before you post a question, you might want to scroll through the topics previously posted by others and try to find your answers there. You can also do a keyword search and refine your search by limiting it to a specific board and a specific time period.

Never post your question on someone else's thread or use their thread as a place to ask others to come to your thread. 

Posting Answers on the Game Boards:
- Hints are better than explicit answers unless the users ask for a step-by-step answer.
- Avoid clogging up the game boards with posts that do not answer the question (i.e., "I don't know the answer to that, but good luck").
- If you don't know the correct answer, leave the question for someone else or you'll confuse other players. You can also go back and replay that portion of the game to brush up your skills.
- If a post answers the question incorrectly, another user may post the correct answer only if the following statement (or similar statement) is used: “I believe I have a different solution.  You may want to try this if the solution already given does not work.  [Alternative solution here].”
- Note Amateur Sleuth (Jr. Detective) or Master Sleuth (Sr. Detective) modes when appropriate.

Game Hints:
This board is mainly a game hints and tips board. Unless you specify otherwise, most users who respond in this board will give you a hint so you solve the puzzle on your own. If you want step-by-step information then be sure to ask.

A spoiler is revealing the identity or gender of a/the culprit(s); posting direct answers such as phone numbers, passwords, codes, answers to quizzes; game ending details; etc. Spoilers must be requested by another user on the Hints and Tips boards and the Case Closed board, and they must be written using the "spoiler code" tags as shown below. You do not need to use spoiler code in Game Discussions boards (except the Case Closed board). Never reveal a culprit's name/gender or a game ending unless you are posting in a Game Discussion board.

Spoiler Code:
Do not use spoiler code in signatures or titles
spoiler] Put your spoiler here! [/spoiler]

This is how it should look. Click and highlight to reveal the "spoiler".
This is a spoiler

Reputation Guidelines (reps)
Reps may not be put in titles
Reps may be offered in posts without conditions such as "Reps! Reps given!"
Reps may never be offered with conditions such as "reps to first three", "reps to all that help", "reps to answers in first 5 minutes", etc.
Please do not ask for reps – asking for reps is considered an “improper post”. Members should give reps to others as they see fit, rather than fulfilling requests. You may mention reputation points in your signatures, for example:
“Reps are appreciated if I have helped you!”
“I like receiving reps, thanks in advance!”
Please do not ask for reps – asking for reps is considered an “improper post”. Members should give reps to others as they see fit, rather than fulfilling requests.

Do not post step-by-step instructions on how to play the entire game.  You may be spoiling the game for someone else when you answer more than the question being asked.
If you need help’ Posts:
It is unnecessary to post "if you need help" or "I can help you" threads. This only clogs up the boards. If you want to help, please answer *open* questions on the forum.  If a question has already been answered correctly, do not answer it again.

We ask that users respect and tolerate all religions. Users can respectfully disagree but name calling or other personal attacks will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Furthermore, religion may only be discussed as it pertains to the characters’ beliefs (Example: in Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel - Ingrid Corey’s “New Age” beliefs). Users may also discuss or speculate on game content. Religious and spiritual beliefs may be expressed in your signature or in the Game Reviews or Game Discussion forum as long as it is not offensive, disrespectful, hateful, rude or graphic. If the signature is reported to admin as “offensive” we may ask the user to change it or take it down. Failure to do so could result in a ban from the Message Boards.

Posting Language:
Post in English only, unless the foreign language used is quoted directly from a game.

Punctuation/Form and Word Case Usage:
This is a message board. Using proper punctuation and capitalizing the first word in a sentence makes reading your post much easier. Please take time to properly compose your post(s). Please do not use “chat speak” or ALL CAPS (all capital letters). In the online world this is considered shouting.

Font Size:
Please use up to a maximum size 4 font in posts (including cover pages). This helps keep scrolling to a minimum. Signatures are exempt from this rule as they should fit within the siggie ruler.

Questionable Content
Since we can't have a rule to cover everything, this is the rule to cover everything. These are public message boards, so act like you would if you were in a public place. What is and what is not questionable content is at the discretion of individual moderators, but may include any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, misleading, spammy, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, sexist, obscene, racist, profane, sexually graphic, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, that otherwise violates any law, or that encourages conduct constituting a criminal offense. Asking for, offering or encouraging any of the material listed above is also not permitted.

Infraction System
If a user violates a rule, they will be given one (1) warning. If the incident occurs again, infraction points will be given by a moderator. Infractions point will stay on your account and accumulate until they expire. You may post inquiries about your warning/infraction in the “Warning/Infraction Grievance” (WIG) board. The posts here are private and only moderators and admin can view and respond to you here. When you post here, please remember to include the link to the specific post or at least the thread where the warning or infraction occurred.

Infraction Points Period Banned from Message Boards
                  5 points                           1 week
                  10 points                           2 weeks
                15 points                           1 month

Infraction  Infraction Points Expires
A) Inappropriate Content 5 12 months
B) Personal Information 5 12 months
C) Harassment 5 12 months
D) Flaming, Bashing, Bullying, and Trolling 5 12 months
E) Outside Links/Email Address 5 6 months
F) Rudeness 2 12 months
G) Questionable Content 1 3 months
H) Spamming 1 1 month
I) Chatting 1 1 month
J) Posting Copyrighted Information 1 1 month
K) Signature Violation 1 1 month
L) Repeated Warning 1 1 month

Infractions Descriptions
  A) Inappropriate Content includes but is not limited to breaking the “PG-rating” rule.
  B) Personal Information refers to the mentioned “personally identifiable information about yourself” section.
  C) Harassment includes but is not limited to the use of unkind words, harsh opinions and disagreements, offensive humor, unfair remarks, shouting (all caps), threats, being pushy or persistent in your opinions and directions, and more towards members and moderators. Please review the “Golden Rule.”
  D) Flaming, Bashing, Bullying, and Trolling: See above section on "Flaming, Bashing, Bullying, and Trolling."
  E) Outside Links/Email Address are not allowed on the message boards. We follow the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and must restrict the use of links that would take the member away from the message boards. Posting links that are directing to a location in the Her Interactive site is allowed.
      a. Example of allowed link:
      b. Example of disallowed link:
  F) Rudeness includes but is not limited to the use of unkind words, harsh opinions and disagreements, offensive humor, unfair remarks, shouting (all caps), threats, being pushy or persistent in your opinions and directions, and more towards members and moderators. Please review the “Golden Rule.”
  G) Questionable Content: See above section on “Questionable Content”
  H) Spamming: See above section on “Spamming”
  I) Chatting: See above section on “Chatting”
  J) Posting Copyrighted Information is when you copy information from another source without properly citing it. You must reference the original source
(without the link) if that source permits it, or quote the person who originally said it.
  K) Signature Violation: If the signature is inappropriate, rude, or breaks a rule.
  L) Repeated Warning: For repeatedly being warned in breaking multiple minor rules.

Reporting Posts and Users:
If you read a post that you feel violates these rules, is threatening, or offensive, please contact one of the moderators using the "Report Post" button (triangle with exclamation mark). This function allows users to send a message with a link to the post to all the moderators who manage a particular forum. Please do not correct the user yourself - let one of the moderators do it! If there is a problem with a moderator, please contact the administration at [email protected].

Please report the following:
- Inappropriate content that does not follow the PG-Rating Rule
- Personal information: names, e-mail, address, etc.
- Quarrels and harassment
- Beta tester and Advisory panel rule violations
- Outside links posted
- Wrong board posts
- Misuse of the Spoiler tag (i.e. in signatures, or to hide non-spoiler type things)


If you are new to using message boards please review these rules, and read all the stickies in the forums. They contain valuable information.

If a user violates any of these rules, we reserve the right to remove and edit content, block or ban your account and your use of this site.

Her Interactive has no obligation to review or remove any messages and has the sole discretion in removing any message.  If complaints are received about content, Her Interactive may remove and edit the content. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.

If you are a minor and are using this account as a COPPA user (under 13 years of age), your parent or guardian has the right to access your account and to receive information about your account.  Her Interactive also reserves the right to notify parents of any behavior and posts deemed inappropriate, disturbing or concerning

Her Interactive will not be liable, and disclaims all liability, in connection with any harm, losses, and damages of any amount or type arising from your access to, or use of the message boards.

Thank you for your participating on the Her Interactive Message Boards.  We hope you have a safe and fun time here!